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Located in Invercargill, ACTIV Trailers is proud to offer a select range of top quality garden trailers, ATV trailers, lifestyle trailers, builders trailers, and commercial trailers.


With 25 years of experience dealing with trailers, we know a lot about them - so if you have any questions, please give us a call.

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Meet Dean Garton - owner and manager of ACTIV Trailers


Dean has had a passion for trailers ever since he was a kid building Lego trailers.

This interest grew as he saw the variety of uses a trailer can have including delivering machinery or firewood, bringing a load of compost or mulch for the garden, and moving items too bulky to fit in a car.  As Dean says, "Using a trailer for many different and varied purposes has opened my eyes to how a trailer can become your best friend!"

The worldwide search to source the best quality trailer

It took 18 months of studying trailer suppliers around the world before we selected Europe. We looked at America, Canada, India, and China. Unfortunately Chinese trailers were not up to our standards,  and South African and American trailers, while better quality, are really heavy.

What was very exciting was that in Europe we discovered the finest quality trailer range available - lightweight, well built with numerous features, and extremely suitable for NZ roads and conditions.

What to look for in a trailer.

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Tapered drawbars will give you the safest drawbar possible. This puts strength where it is needed and there is no excess weight. It is safer and stronger than a standared box section drawbar and has flexability so it won't crack.

Rubber Torsion arm suspension_edited.jpg


If you are looking for a Soft ride, Maintainance free and Durable option ACTIV trailers recomends the German IRS or rubber independent suspension. Where springs will rattle loudly, wear out, rust, and provide unnecessary bumps and bouncing, the rubber independent suspension absorbs the bounce, and provides a maintenance free, non wearing, no rattle, smooth ride. It is a smart choice to buy if quality and safety is important to you.

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ACTIV trailers use European hardwood, non-slip decking on our garden trailers. The advantage of European hardwood above a pine ply deck is it's a lot stronger and less likely to splinter and tear up when using a shovel to clear dirt or gravel off it. A lot stronger than pine plywood used in cheaper trailers, the other advantage of the flat surfaced European hardwood above a galvanised deck is the corrugations in the steel make it harder to scrape clean, and also you can scrape the galvanising off it and it becomes rusty.

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Clamped Latches

Using clamped latches for the tailgates and tipping pivot clamps instead of standared latches stops the rattling noise and also stops the wearing on those points. Although standared latches are cheaper, in our experience we have found latches will flog out and wear, while clamps hold everything nice and tight so there is no movement and wearing. Also it is a lot quieter while travelling, and if nothing is rattling, nothing will wear out - it is the constant rubbing while travelling that creates wear points.

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Steel Type

As we all would know the standared NZ steel does not carry the same quality as the European Steel, not only that, they use a higher grade steel that is designed for the automotive industry. This is of a much higher standard than most steel used in New Zealand to build trailers.

GHD752814U-N (3) 01.png

Well Balanced

A well ballanced trailer is something to look out for in a trailer. A trailer with a lot of load on the towing vehicle is great while four wheel driving, but is not good for the average gardener nor for the lighter style cars, so a carefull selection of ballabce when selecting a trailer is very important.


Wheel Bearings

Maintainance free bearings are what all modern trailers should have nowdays... - gone are the days of using the old Taper roller bearing for professional trailers. Double ball race wheel bearings are used on ACTIV trailers - these are the new generation wheel bearings - tested, tried and proven for many years now. Other trailer companies still use the old Taper roller bearing. These are slightly cheaper to start with, ho

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Bolted vs welded Chassis

Bolted construction of a trailer simplifies elements replacement. We all know that the cheap bolted together trailer has a bad name - this is due to the fact that it was done cheaply with no regard to quality. However if this is done correctly it is much stronger and just remember your car is bolted together.

ALKO Tow Hitch .jpg


ACTIV trailers have a quick latching auto reset coupler - by pulling the trigger it releases the catch that holds the clamp that secures the tow ball of the car to the trailer. This is done in a very simple one-stroke gun-like motion and there is no extra bolt catch or padlock to double-check before ensuring the coupler is attached correctly to the tow ball. There is also a dial that visually tells you that it is connected correctly

Obviously there are many factors to consider when buying a trailer, we are here and always ready to help.

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