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Trailer Sales NZ


ACTIV Trailers is a New Zealand business that works with a range of European Trailer manufacturers. We are a
professional team and have had a passion for many years in trailers and found them a fascinating study.

ACTIV Mission
To offer a wide range of the best quality trailers throughout New Zealand with top level service

ACTIV Vision
To provide world leading trailers to kiwi leaders

ACTIV Trailers selects certain factories for certain demands, whether it’’s trailer price, trailer ratings, weight limits,
durability, load heights or appearance or... the list could go on forever! The main reason is because our objective,
our passion, will always be to satisfy the needs of our customers, who can enjoy an ACTIV Trailer that will make
their lives easier.

When we think of towing a trailer, we often think of old clunky things that used to tag along behind you and
bounce around and push your vehicle all over the road, enhancing every bump and just making the journey
unpleasant. Things like the new suspension make towing an ACTIV trailer a breeze.

Thankfully with the help of ACTIV, we can say goodbye to those old times and travel with a trailer an enjoyable experience.

Trailer Sales NZ

Using a trailer for many different and varied purposes has opened my eyes to how a trailer can become your best friend!

Dean Garton - owner and manager of ACTIV Trailers

Dean has had a passion for trailers ever since he was a kid building Lego trailers. This interest grew as he saw the variety of uses a trailer can have including delivering machinery or firewood, bringing a load of compost or mulch for the garden, and moving items too bulky.

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