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Trailer Sales NZ


ACTIV Trailers is a New Zealand-based company partnering with top European trailer manufacturers. Our professional team has a long-standing passion for trailers, finding them a fascinating and essential tool for various uses.

ACTIV Mission
To offer the highest quality trailers throughout New Zealand with exceptional service.​

ACTIV Vision
To provide world-leading trailers to New Zealand's leaders in various industries.

Our Commitment​
At ACTIV Trailers, we carefully select factories to meet diverse demands, whether about trailer price, ratings, weight limits, durability, or appearance. Our passion is to satisfy our customers' needs, ensuring they enjoy the benefits of an ACTIV Trailer, making their lives easier.
Why Choose ACTIV?
Gone are the days of old, clunky trailers. With new suspension technology, towing an ACTIV trailer is smooth and enjoyable. We aim to make your travel with trailers a pleasant experience.

Trailer Sales NZ

Meet the Owner

Dean Garton, owner and manager of ACTIV Trailers, has been passionate about trailers since childhood. From building Lego trailers to seeing their varied uses, Dean understands how a trailer can be your best friend for tasks like delivering machinery, hauling firewood, or transporting bulky items.

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