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ACTIV Trailers is a trailer supplier and work with a range of European Trailer manufacturers to provide Trailers to suit the demanding needs of New Zealand roads and conditions for Commercial, Domestic, Farming, and Recreational needs.

We have found Europe (above all other nations in the world) to be of the highest quality workmanship, highest quality steel and componentry, and streets ahead in design and innovation, thus providing unparalleled Trailers.
One trailer manufacturer we use claims to have built 40,000 (Yes, that is 40 Thousand) trailers in 2019! - WOW"

Yet we all know we can't just say that because something is built in one area or a particular country that the product is guaranteed to be of certain quality…
That is why ACTIV Trailers select certain factories for certain demands, whether price or ratings or weights limits or Durability or load heights or looks or... the list could go on forever.
We have had a passion for many years in trailers and found them a fascinating study.

Something that can be simply attached to the back of your Car or Ute or SUV or Truck or Bus and have such a wide range of uses never ceases to amaze us.
The quality that is now available to last for so many years and does so much work for such a small fraction of the cost of a car, Ute, SUV, etc., makes them such a hidden treasure.

When we think of towing a trailer, we often think of old clunky things that used to tag along behind you and bounce around and push your vehicle all over the road, enhancing every bump and just making the journey unpleasant.

Things like the new suspension make towing an ACTIV trailer a breeze.

Thankfully with the help of ACTIV, we can say goodbye to those old times and travel with a trailer an enjoyable experience.
Situated at the bottom of New Zealand, with transport always going the extra distance to get here, we know just how important it is to have quality transport.

Leave the questions with us, and take the most trusted trailer with you on your journey.

With well over 100 trailer options available, if you don't see it on this website - please ask.

Do you have any questions?

Questions often arise when purchasing

  • What Trailer do I need?

  • What is the best value for money

  • What sort of weight limit will my car have?

Any questions that you may have about trailers we are happy to help.

We may not be able to answer straight away but we can either find out or point you in the right direction.

Feel free to Phone, Text or Email.

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